Chasing closure around the globe without ever leaving home.

By Michelle Lauren

There are countries I orbit around, but only in name. It’s funny how I feel the weight of places I have yet to see. I am a stranger to their architecture outside of a pictorial plane or the tastes of their local cuisine. I have not smelt the air or watched the sky age from a different axis. Instead, my memory exists in people and throwaway facts, like a scavenger finding understandings from the side of a road with no real destination. These recollections hang about as the debris of a true experience, framed in a cosmopolitan patchwork. …

By Tobias Bjørkli via Pexels

Foster informative growth with productive connections.

By Daria Shevtsova via Pexels

In the everyday cacophony of careers, education and day-to-day necessities, side hustles have an unusual relationship with time. In a 2019 survey of side hustlers’ incomes by Bankrate, they noted:

Working Americans spend an average of 12 hours per week completing tasks related to their side hustle…

Reserving approximately two hours a day for side hustles is a sizeable amount. Although many ventures share overlapping challenges, their experiential developments are scarcely identical. The flexible working schedule that allows one person to engage in freelancing is not always suitable for someone else.

In lieu of the pressing needs from existing obligations…

By igorovsyannykov via Pixabay

Vignettes were never quite
my specialty, the wrist-flick
pull, dart throw
necessity of pinning

dragonfly seconds to
a cork board. So much so
I swam instead
between recollections,

spelunking for those
olive-sharp moments I
might polish off, microscope,
check and check again.

Where did I lose you?
Surely the puppets were
too soon, mimic chatter
in our backseat theatre

growing up. Perhaps I pulled
too many sliding doors
in sibling yearning, sculpting
checkpoint hallways you

studded full of deadbolts.
But I should’ve known
one-way mirrors
always were your favourite.

Or were they? Cramming
meteor dents from conversations
that never happened with

Michelle Lauren

Poet, writer, and digital artist. Looking for the ways words catch like silver in the rain. Writer for The Creative Café, P.S. I Love You, and The Startup.

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